Solid Soil Wetting Agent
Infused with Cytokinins!

     • Surf Side Pellets with a boost of Seaweed Extracts

      • Seaweed Blend:

               - Promotes plant-cell division

​               - Promotes plant-cell growth

               - Enhances plant wound-response

      • Improves infiltration and rewetting
      • Helps grass heal and root after sodding

​​Solid Soil Wetting Agent
A Must-Have for Hand Watering!

      • Easy to use, no mixing required

      • Reduces labor costs when syringing
      • Improves infiltration and rewetting
      • Easily treat Localized Dry Spots
      • Rigid container allows control of dissolve rate


Concentrated Defoamer
Zap! foam away before it starts!

      • Concentrated formula; just 1-tsp/100 gal. solution

      • Each case treats over 100,000 gallons
      • Suppresses foam to increase filling capacity

      • Improves visual filling accuracy
      • Controls foam in multi-chemical mixes
      • Lowers labor costs by reducing tank-refills

Liquid Soil Wetting Agent
America's Longest Selling Wetting Agent!

      • Concentrated, ready-to-mix formula

      • Improves infiltration of water, fertilizer, and all other adjuvants
      • Reduces plant stress and overwatering
      • Safe for all species of grass
      • Works with all soil types
      • Flexible application rates ensure plant safety