"Surfside 37 Wetting Agent is the clear winner in the 'green speed war'." 
                       – Marshall Fearing, Castle Pines Golf Club (Castle Rock, CO)

"I've been a regular user of Surf Side Wetting Agent for over 25 years. Having tutored under the "Bill Smart" school of turfgrass, I can only say that the new materials haven't convinced me. I'm a bit different than Bill, in that I don't experiment as much as he did (tip burn is not my favorite look). 

Surf Side has performed wonderfully for all my turf inconsistencies. When salespersons come knocking at my door wanting to know if I'm familiar with 'wetting agents', I ask them where they've been for the last millennium. It makes me think of one of Bill's favorite lines in the summertime, 'Should have been a mason, bricks don't wilt!' 

That's why the spray rig never leaves the shop without Surf Side 37. I've used Surf Side with just about every chemical on the market - NEVER HAVE I BURNED WITH IT!"
                        – Bob DeMarco, Powelton Club (Newburgh, NY)

"I'm closing in on 26 years' use of Surfside 37 (a good chunk of my life) and it has never failed me on any golf course." 
     – George Pierpoint, Ardsley Country Club (White Plains, NY)

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"I tried it, I like it, I use it...and my assistant loves it!" 
                       – Asato-San, Kise Country Club (Nago, Okinawa, Japan)