After 15 long years of experimenting with surfactants, Robert Oechsle founded
Montco Products in 1969. At that time, wetting agents were still relatively unknown and misunderstood, though Montco Products was the first producer to emphasize the impact on root hairs as opposed to the speed at which water was moved. Then as now, many manufacturers and consumers of wetting agents were looking for instant gratification – that is, they favored a faster speed of moving water for quick penetration and surface results.

However (as Montco Products understood early on), with increased speed comes increased phytotoxicity. Founder Robert W. Oechsle knew that haste made waste, and described his wetting agents as β€œthe tortoise, not the hare.” He designed his products to prioritize the health of the delicate root hair over the speed of water penetration, resulting in the safest and most effective product on the market. 

After exhaustive research and rigorous experimentation, 
Products developed Surf Side 37, which remains a favorite among leading golf courses around the world, and the only wetting agent blend that has not changed its basic formula in over 40 years.

Today, Montco Products continues its decades-long legacy as a leading supplier of Premium Wetting Agents to top golf courses throughout the United States, with an expanding international client base. With one of the most proven track records in the industry, Montco Products remains dedicated to its mission of selling the highest quality Wetting Agents on the market. But don't take our word for it – check out our Testimonials  to hear what our longest users have to say!