General Application Rates*:

      2 - 4 oz./M – Recommended rate for biweekly greens, tees, and fairways

      4 - 8 oz./M – Recommended rate for monthly fairway treatments

     16 oz./M – Maximum recommended rate for spring green up and establishing Surf Side in soil profile

*​Rates may be adjusted based on thatch layer and soil type

Check below to find the best use of  Surf Side 37 for your needs!

SPRAY APPLICATION: On greens start the season early with 8-16 oz./M on greens. In season go biweekly at the rate of 2-4 oz./M on greens, tees, and fairways, or 4-8 oz/M for monthly treatments. Enhance the turf response by finding out what tank-brew works best for you! For pest adjuvant applications, try adding 1-gal. Surf Side 37 to 100 gals. of water for better control. Use Zap! Defoamer to controls foam in your spray tank.

INJECTION SYSTEMS: Superintendents do pump Surf Side directly into the irrigation line. However, temperatures above 60°F are required to maintain a flowable viscosity for the suction side of the pump. To make a stable solution in a 30-gal. drum for an overnight irrigation, mix 2-parts water to 1-part Surf Side 37. Pour Surf Side slowly with constant paddle agitation. Add a nutrient brew of your choice. We suggest using a 500 gal. plastic tank for pre-blending. Response from the field indicates a weekly or bi-monthly application saves on overall surfactant usage and beats a monthly application in terms of turf quality.

WINTER OVERSEEDINGAdd 32-oz. per acre of Surf Side 37 with added nutrients into irrigation systems or syringe with Pellets for initial wetting of seed. Enhances germination by several days, plants show better root development and vigor during establishment.

FAIRY RING ON GREENSOne day prior to application of ProStar or Heritage (where licensed) apply 2.5 gal. Surf Side 37 to one acre in 100 to 120 gal. water and follow with a heavy syringe. Begin program at first sign of Fairy Ring. Repeat as necessary, on average every 30-40 days in season


* Not registered for use with pesticides * 

Surf Side 37 is Reliable

Surf Side 37 is Safe

SALTS: It's best to start the season with a Surf Side 37 program on greens and stick with it - WET OR DRY. Keep the water moving - keep your rooting profile cleansed - biodegrade the buildup of residual chemicals locked up in areas that do not wet readily. Should a salt problem exist check the top 1" of your soil rather than 3" for it could be 10 worse in PPM.  In a worse case scenario apply 16oz/M of Surf Side 37 every two weeks with a heavy syringe and back off when you have the situation under control, then proceed with a normal Surf Side 37 program. 

If you're using sewage effulent for irrigation, get on a Surf Side program and control salt buildup in the rooting profile.

Surf Side 37, America's longest selling wetting agent, is our flagship product. Blended to optimize wetting speed and water retention, Surf Side 37's proven track record makes it one of the safest wetting agents on the market. Surf Side 37 improves infiltration of water, fertilizers, and all other adjuvants, and decreases water repellency in all soil types.

Makes Superintendents' lives easier!

HYDRAULIC SPILLS ON GREENSMix 1qt. SURF SIDE 37 in 5gals of water. Thoroughly flush spill using a backpack sprayer then FLOOD DRENCH with plain water. Spills should be reported and treated properly.