Manage Localized Dry Spots (LDS) with Surf Side Pellets!


Surf Side Pellets offer Superintendents the same great benefits of Surf Side 37 in an easy to use dissolving-pellet form. Surf Side Pellets fit directly into a hose-end applicator to easily adjust application rates, and are perfect for syringing greens and hitting hard to reach hills and knolls. For best results, use as an extra dimension to a regular Surf Side 37 Liquid Wetting Agent program. 


Hand Watering:

       Use Pellets when hand watering to improve rewetting and infiltration. Irrigate regularly and as required. Foam from Pellets will disperse.

Localized Dry Spots:

      Pellets are perfect for treating isolated LDS and hills and knolls that are difficult to water. Simply irrigate as required on problem spots. 


      Surf Side Pellets help knit sod to the soil base by promoting strong rooting, and move free moisture from the soil interface. When laying  

      washed sod, do not use Pellets for all watering during establishment. 

Dissolve Rate Control:

       •   Regular Rate - Remove Pellet from container and place directly in hose-end applicator

       •   Slower Rate - Remove lid from Pellet and place entire container face up in hose-end applicator

       •   Slowest Rate - Remove lid from Pellet and place entire container face down in hose-end applilcator

Keep in mind that water temperature, water pressure, and other factors will affect the rate that Pellets dissolve

Always store Pellets in a cool location and out of direct sunlight before use.

We recommend transporting Pellets in a closed cooler when out on the golf course.