"Surf-Side contributed to an 80% to 85% reduction in syringing over the past 15 years. This has meant major water and labor savings."

                        –Tom Grimac, Tavistock C.C. (NJ)

"I have used Surfside 37 for over 20 years to improve irrigation efficiency on greens, tees, and fairways. Other benefits from regular use includes improved efficiency with pesticide applications, elimination of troublesome fairy ring, and reduced problems from localized dry spots. Surfside drenches every 5 weeks during the growing season at a rate of 1 gallon of Surfside in 200 gallons of water for every 4,000 square feet. It reduces surface tension and improves soil wetting creating deeper rooting. Every other week on grees Surfside is sprayed at 2oz/M with ferrous sulfate at 1.5oz/M and any other needed inputs to maintain color and turf health. Surfside is also included in spray programs on tees and fairways at the 2oz/M rate as well as in drench application on bunker edges, new sod, or any other weak area needing a boost.

The Colorado summer weather usually brings bright sunshine with temperatures in the mid 80s to high 90s,(rainfall 3 to 4 inches total), and straight days in the 90s, low humidity, and no precipitation. Surf-Side is an integral part of my maintenance programs to maintain optimum playing conditions during these difficult stretches and all season long."
     – Doug Brooks at The Denver Country Club (CO)

"I've been a regular user of Surf Side Wetting Agent for over 25 years. Having tutored under the "Bill Smart" school of turfgrass, I can only say that the new materials haven't convinced me. I'm a bit different than Bill, in that I don't experiment as much as he did (tip burn is not my favorite look). 

Surf Side has performed wonderfully for all my turf inconsistencies. When salespersons come knocking at my door wanting to know if I'm familiar with 'wetting agents', I ask them where they've been for the last millennium. It makes me think of one of Bill's favorite lines in the summertime, 'Should have been a mason, bricks don't wilt!' 

That's why the spray rig never leaves the shop without Surf Side 37. I've used Surf Side with just about every chemical on the market - NEVER HAVE I BURNED WITH IT!"
                        – Bob DeMarco, Powelton Club (Newburgh, NY)

"I'm closing in on 26 years' use of Surfside 37 (a good chunk of my life) and it has never failed me on any golf course.My greens and tees receive 5oz/M every three weeks. Surf-Side added to my grub control program provides excellent results."
     – George Pierpoint, Ardsley Country Club (White Plains, NY)

"Golf Magazine voted in 1994 Coeur d'Alene Resort & Golf Course as America's best maintained  resort course. With 38 acres of bentgrass greens, tees, and fairways Surf-Side 37 has proved to be an asset in maintaining the quality of the turf. Last year we had 90 days over 90 degrees consecutively and localized dry spots on our very mature Penneagle fairways were a minimal problem - same with LDS on our greens and tees. Surf-Side 37 is the only wetting agent I trust to mix with fertilizers and fungicides - I highly recommend it."
     – Ed Price, Coeur d'Alene Resort & G.C. (ID)

"My native soil greens at Cherry Hills will start to show some ugly Fairy Ring if I go more than 5 weeks without a Surf-Side 37 drench! Greens are drenched at the rate of 1.5 gallons Surf-Side in 300 gallons water, covering 7000 square feet, followed by at least 15 minutes of water. The watering is not required, but helps move the 37 into the soil. The greens that have the Fairy Ring will then be followed by the Hydroject. The process seems to move the Surf-Side into the profile even better, and provides excellent masking of the Fairy Ring.

The same type of drench with Surf-Side 37 is used on tees, fairway spots, bunker banks, new sod, cart traffic areas, and any other weak spot that needs a boost. In between drenches, regular applications are made every other week on greens and fairways at the rate of 2oz/M Surf-Side with 1.5oz/M iron. Great color and general health are maintained with this program. Surf-Side 37 is a great product for me and my course. I will continue to find new and useful ways to incorporate 37 into my management programs." 

                        – Doug Brooks at Cherry Hills C.C. (CO)

"I have been using Surf-Side for years. The Surf-Side pellets are a great extra tool. Anywhere you need to get water to, you have this option to add Surf-Side as you irrigate. The pellets are convenient- no mixing or spilling on-site. Great for newly seeded or sodded areas."
     – Larry Schlippert, Commonwealth National G.C. (PA)

We're grateful for all our users around the world and highly value their feedback and testimonials on our products. To submit your own Surf Side Success Stories, use the "Submit Testimonial" button on the homepage, email info@montcoproducts.com, or call us direct at 800-401-0411

"As with air, water and sunlight; Surf-Side 37 has been a fundamental standard in our bentgrass management program along with deep and infrequent watering. Regular Surf-Side applications of 16oz/1000/month have allowed us to maintain consistency in our percolation rates and in our putting surgace throughout drying summers and harsh winters year after year."
     – Jeff Spangler, Troon North G.C. (AZ)

"I tried it, I like it, I use it...and my assistant loves it!" 
                       – Asato-San, Kise Country Club (Nago, Okinawa, Japan)

"Surfside 37 Wetting Agent is the clear winner in the 'green speed war'. Ten PGA Tour events and ten years using Surf-Side 37 wetting agent. It's made the difference between a good looking golf course and a great looking golf course. Thanks Bob for making us look great." 
                       – Marshall Fearing, Castle Pines Golf Club (Castle Rock, CO)

"I have been using Surfside 37 on sand based Bentgrass greens in southern Pennsylvania for almost 20 years now. I have found that it is a good solid wetting agent especially if you start early in the spring and stay on a regular program. For me the main reason I don't consider another wetting agent on my greens is because #1 it works, but just as importantly I am extremely comfortable with the safety of the product. I have used it under some very extreme heat and humidity and never had any issues." 
                       – Dave Swartzel, OMNI Bedford Springs Resort (Bedford, PA)

"I have been using Surf-Side 37 for eight years now on fairways, tees, rough, and especially on hydrophobic sand greens. On greens I've settles into a program of approximately 3oz/M every two weeks. Fairways and rough 1gal/100 water and spot drench treat. With fertigation 1 mix it to 1% volume in the summer and 2% in the spring and fall. As with everything, I make adjustments to match the situation."
     – Ken Thompson, Stone Harbor G.C. (NJ)